Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation Services Fort CollinsAt Rickards & Company LLP, we go beyond tax compliance and offer tax preparation assistance as a valuable tool to minimize current and future tax liabilities, maximize after-tax cash flow and wealth, and keep you on track to your financial goals.

Changes to the tax laws are constant and our tax professionals work full time to stay up to date with the new laws and legislation. Using our extensive knowledge, experience and a proactive approach, we are able provide you with tax saving strategies throughout the year. We evaluate various scenarios to keep our clients aware of their tax saving options.

Some of the many tax preparation services we offer include:

  • Calculation to adjust withholding to minimize taxes at the end of the year or to have more use of your money throughout the year
  • Estimated tax payment calculations to avoid underpayment penalties
  • Advice on how to pay the lowest taxes possible, LEGALLY
  • Suggestions on how to minimize your audit risk
  • Deferring taxable capital gains through installment sales or like-kind exchanges
  • Deferring tax liabilities through IRA and other retirement plan contributions
  • Married filing joint vs. married filing separate optimization