Self-Employment Health Insurance Worksheet

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Self Employment Health Insurance WorksheetHere are the details of the worksheet:

The amounts in the attached worksheet will be used to prepare your W-2’s. Please return this form to our office at least ONE WEEK PRIOR TO YOUR LAST SCHEDULED PAYROLL OF THE YEAR.

You can estimate amounts payable in December. Please, contact our office at 970-493-6869 or email us here if you have any questions.

Health Insurance premiums paid for by the S-Corp, or reimbursed to the shareholder by the S-Corp will be added to the owners’ W-2 as wages. Include amounts paid for health insurance premiums, Medicare Part B and prescription premiums, and long term care premiums. Include amounts paid for spouse and dependents (or children under 26). No deduction is available if taxpayer is eligible to participate in any subsidized health plan maintained by any employer of the taxpayer or spouse.